Knock! Knock!

REST Edition

The front door to a technical career at Readify.


Welcome to the initial stage of the Readify recruitment process.

The textbox below needs a URI for an API you create and host. It should be your own implementation of our reference service.

Setting expectations

The [your-api]/token endpoint needs a token from our recruitment portal. This lets us get in touch when you pass. It only takes a few seconds to get one.

The information on this page is all the context we provide: figuring out what to do is part of the puzzle.

What's next?

This puzzle is our first ‘gate’. Readify is a popular place to work, so we’re shameless about automating this step.

Passing this puzzle tells us that you can solve a difficult technical problem.

After, we’ll review your code and experience and conduct a technical interview.


By all means, call the sample implementation to see what it does. The key is that we want you to implement your own solutions to the problems within.

Yes, you can feed the URI of the sample API to the test. Give it a go and see what happens!

Questions? Have a look at the FAQ.

Good luck :)