Why do you make applicants write code?

Because writing software is what we do :)

Readify consultants ship software and teach other people to do the same. We're asking our applicants to demonstrate an ability to do something that they'll be doing day in, day out as part of their normal work.

Doesn't automating it just make it easier for Readify?

Of course it makes it easier. That's why we've done it. It doesn't just make it easier for Readify, though - it makes it fairer, more consistent, faster and more transparent for our candidates.

It also lets us allow multiple attempts, whereas with manual code reviews we'd simply be overwhelmed by multiple submissions in quick succession.

I've found a bug in your app! Do I get bonus marks?

We haven't deliberately left any bugs lying around... but we definitely appreciate your attention to detail - nice work.

You'll still need to get your code passing the tests to make it through to the next round, though :)

I have a question that isn't answered here. Who do I ask?

As we've mentioned, we can't give any more context on how to solve the puzzles - this ensures a level playing-field for all.

For more info about Readify as a company and the roles we have available, check out our careers website.

For non-puzzle-related questions, contact us directly at [email protected].